Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Big Surprise!

I’m so excited today! My human came home from work yesterday and brought a surprise for me, a new dog!

I’ve been so depressed ever since we moved here, because I had to leave my dog behind. The human said we couldn’t bring him with us because he was too old and too used to the country; he’d be miserable in the city, so he stayed with her parents. They love him and take great care of him, but I still miss him a lot.

But now I have a new dog to get to know and love! We haven’t decided what to name the little guy yet. The human rescued him from the shelter, and they called him Barksee on all the paperwork, but I don’t like that for him at all. He doesn’t come to it, either, so we don’t feel too bad about changing it.
I kind of like Arrow for him but the human says I should think it over for a day or two.
What do you think we should name him? I’m open to suggestions!

Having a dog in an apartment is a lot different that having one at home. I have to walk him a lot now, we don’t have a yard to let him run around in. I had to promise the human that I’d be responsible and look after him.
It’s a lot of work, but I’m sure I can do it!


Sabine Bouchard said...

Aw...your new dog is very cute- so is your outfit. I think Arrow is a cute name for a dog, but I also like Milou.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Edie--I love your outfit, by the way. =D I like the name Maks, but Arrow is an excellent choice, too. It's so hard for me to name things! It takes me just short of forever. xP

<3 Jamie

Anonymous said...

Your dog is adorable! Best wishes on figuring out what to call it.

Taylor said...

Hi, Edie! My puppy looks a whole lot like your puppy! I think Arrow is a good name!

Cali Hazelwood said...

I love your dog! He's so cute. (: Hmm... as for names, I really like Arrow. Some other cute names are Wiley, Beacon, Finn, and Smitty.
I'm new to your blog, but I really like it! My friend Ruthie is also a big fan of the Disney princesses. Her middle name is Aurora, just like Sleeping Beauty.
Well, I hope you figure out a name for you new puppy! Congratulations!


PirateQween said...

J'aime le nom Arrow! I like the name Arrow! My human and I (Paix) agree that you should just name him Arrow. If he doesn't learn it then change it ;). I LOVE your bedspread- where did you get it? My human (Maman) says we might get one like it if I can find out where it came from.
You can meet my new sister when you come on over to my blog!

Edie said...

Thanks for all the comments, guys!
Naming him was a lot harder than I expected.

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