Sunday, July 17, 2011

New friends

Sorry it's been so long since my last post.
I have some cool updates! My human knew how lonely I was, so she sent me to a day camp near our apartment for a week!
At first, I didn't want to go, but the human forced me out the door because she'd already paid for me to go. It turned out to be a ton of fun, I got to do a ton of neat crafts, go swimming, and most importantly, meet some new friends! I really clicked with two girls in particular, Ivy and Avalanche.

Avalanche just moved here too, from Africa! She even lives in the same apartment complex that I do. Her dad is an archaeologist, and he's working on a dig there. Avalanche had to move here with her mom because her grandfather is really sick and her mom needed to be closer to him.
Her mom sent her to the camp to meet new people, too. She hates it here and she's kind of strange, but in an awesome sort of way.
She taught me and Ivy how to pitch a tent and start a campfire at camp without any matches or lighter fluid. It rocked, but we got into trouble because campfires weren't actually allowed.

Ivy is way different from Avalanche. She doesn't live that far from me and Avalanche, but her family is a lot wealthier than mine and Avalanche's. She goes to a fancy private school and lives in a big house a few blocks away from us. She says she actually does her homework and turns it in on time, mostly because her moms are pushing her to be either a doctor or a lawyer when she grows up and she needs to have great grades to get into a good school. It makes sense, I guess... one of her moms is a doctor, and the other is a lawyer, but Ivy says she's not really interested in either career and gets tired of having to work so hard at her school work. She doesn't want to disappoint her family, though.

We were all sorry to see camp end, but the three of us get together a lot now. The human let Avalanche pitch a tent in our living room as long as she promised not to start any fires, and we stayed up late, talking, playing games and telling ghost stories. I'm really bad at making up ghost stories, but Avalanche is brilliant at it. I don't think Ivy and I slept a wink!

All right, it's getting late and I need to get off the computer.
Has anyone else been to camp and made some awesome friends?


Keesha said...

Yay! New friends are always so much fun! I'm happy for you!

Montana Girls said...

Hello, Edie. I cannot go to camp this summer, but I have made some new friends. Or I will once my neighbor, Jess, realizes we are meant to be great friends.

Avalanche and Ivy sound like fun to be around. Tell Ivy that I have two dads and one of them is a lawyer. My other dad is an art teacher. It was good to meet you, Edie.


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