Friday, October 28, 2011

A note from Syd

I just want to interrupt Edie's babbling for a quick note: Edie's human's friend and her daughter are only characters that I've created for Edie's world. I've been wanting to give Edie a 'sister' for a while, and I didn't want her to just appear out of thin air with no explanation, hence the creation of Denise and her mother.

While I am admittedly the human in Edie's life right now, I'm trying really hard to get away from that, because I've recently realized that only using my experiences has really limited Edie's character development. I'm working on getting away from her even having a human and writing her as an actual kid, but it's taking me some time to wrap my brain around that concept, for whatever reason.

I'm very sorry for any and all confusion!!


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