Saturday, December 31, 2011

Aquarium Time!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't written in a while.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Mine was pretty decent. Money around here is still kind of tight, so my mom made Denise and I a deal: A couple of gifts, or a couple of trips to cool places that we normally couldn't afford to go to. She didn't specify the cool places, but I trusted her judgement, and took the trips option! Denise really wanted a couple of games for her xBox, so it was just me and my mom. It was nice having a little alone time with her; she's been spending a lot of time trying to help Denise adjust to living with us. It's been pretty hard on all of us.

But anyway, I bet you're wondering where we ended up:

The aquarium! Mom said she was sorry we didn't get to take our yearly adventure to the beach, and promised to make it up to me next year. We always go to the aquarium down there, so Mom found us one to come to here!

I love fish and marine life, and it was neat to explore a new place. I really liked this turtle, he kept swimming over and trying to bump me through the glass.

This is a tidal pool. It had lots of really pretty little blue fish in it, and on top of the rocks on the other side, it had an iguana (I think... I forgot what the sign said)!

Whatever he is, isn't he massive? My mom asked if I'd like one for a pet, and I said no way! I'll stick with the fish!

More fish! I really like these little guys; I'd like to get some for our aquarium at home!

After we got done in the main building, we headed for stingray bay!

The stingrays are so cool! They swim right up to the top of the tank, and the aquarium lets you pet them. I love exhibits like that, I got to pet two!

Mom and I had a great day, and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for me!


Montana Girls said...

What a fun day! Your pictures are lovely. I'd love to visit an aquarium!


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