Friday, September 14, 2012

Home Again!

I don't know if I mentioned this, but a few weeks ago, I was invited to fly to Kentucky and stay with an online friend, Katia. Our parents talked it over, and it was all set!
I had a great time hanging out with Katia and her sisters, but I just got back into town this morning, and I'm pretty happy to see my own room (even if it IS haunted.).

First thing I noticed was something was different! My mom had taken the opportunity to give it a good clean without me getting in the way, and everything was a lot neater than it had been before. But the biggest difference was my bed! It's white now!

I really love how it looks. They painted it with a textured finish, and it's like coming home to a whole new room! Well, almost.
Mom also hung some new corkboards for me... She knew Katia and I had been taking a lot of pictures, and she thought I'd like a new place to display them. She was right!

I dropped my stuff and gave my bed a biiiiiig hug hello! I think it missed me, too. See one of the new corkboards above my head?

As much as I wanted to curl up and take a long nap, now that I was home I really missed Katia and her family, so there were a couple of things I needed to do first.

When I was at Katia's house, we loved to play with her collection of My Little Ponies, and before I left she gifted me with a couple of my own! I don't have any like these. I needed to find a great spot to display them, so I could remember the fun times we had.

Don't they look good with my Grand Champions?

Mom came in after that, and asked to see some of the pictures we took. I was so busy having fun that I kept forgetting to email her some, so she hadn't seen them before. I spread them all out on my desk... I needed to pick which ones to hang on my boards anyway.

She said it looked like we'd had a good time, and helped me hang them up, plus a photo I'd taken a few months ago with my friend, Ivy.

It's a little bittersweet to be home... I'm super excited to see my friends again, but I'm really going to miss Katia and her sisters. I hope we'll be able to keep in touch online and stuff!
But, now for that nap!!


all4dolls said...

Welcome home, Edie! Your room looks awesome!!!


TracAn Bolton said...

Welcome home we are so happy to see you posting again .. we are out of town right now too camping and having fun getting ready for the talk like a pirate day ..


Emily said...


Your room looks awesome with all your new stuff!


Sophie Amélie Moreau said...

Welcome home, Edie! I love your room. That bed looks amazing in white! Your Mom did such a great job.


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