Saturday, September 22, 2012

That Old Room

I've been asking my mom if I can get a new nightstand for a while now. There's nothing really wrong with the one I have, but it's decorated with cartoon pictures of ponies, and as much as I still love ponies, the pictures on the nightstand just seemed a little baby-ish for my room.

Mom told me we can't afford that kind of thing right now, but she thought about it and said that if I was careful and promised not to make too big of a mess, I could paint the one I had! She had a leftover can of paint from another project, so I could get a nightstand that was like new and basically free. We like free around here. ;)

I decided to paint my shelves while I was at it, too. I've been meaning to do it for a long time, but I didn't realize we had paint. I had to clean them off first. I piled everything into my old roll-top desk, and it made a huge mess. So much for Mom cleaning my bedroom for me while I was gone. :D

I decided to start with the shelves first, because I thought they'd be quicker to do that my nightstand. Mom helped me protect the wall with some tape first; as much as I'd love to paint my walls something better than boring gray, we live in an apartment right now and that isn't allowed.

Next, I started on the nightstand. I have to admit,I was a little sad to see the ponies disappearing under the paint, but I think it'll be worth it!

It took a lot of layers to cover up the ponies. It started to get really boring since I had to stop and wait for the layers to dry before I could paint some more.

Finally, everything had enough layers and was dry enough that I could finally start cleaning up my room again (yay me!). I peeled off all the protective tape, and started to put my books back on my shelf.

Once I was finished putting everything back, Mom surprised me with some new posters to hang up! She said that since we painted over all the ponies on my nightstand, I needed a new pony poster to make up for it. I think it's the best pony poster ever!! I hung it up over my 'new' nightstand.

 Here's the whole view of my room make-over. What do you guys think?


My Doll Best Friend said...

What a very cute room, with so many personal touches, like the backpack dropped on the green chair and the posters of course! I really like the plush moon rug- where did it come from? Great photos, lots to look at. If you want to send me the final pic I will put it on my blog and give you a mention. I've been looking for a really cute bedroom photo for ages. If you are interested, send it to:

all4dolls said...

Great job! Our room is a mess since we are hardly ever home it seems. I'd like to do something about that, but never seem to get around to it. Maybe by Christmas! :-)


Hello! Err... Bonjour! said...

I love it! It's so creative and has inspired me to re-make a bit of my doll room! I'm so bad at painting... Looks like Edie did a good job though! I should hire her... Anyways What doll is Edie? She's very pretty and I've always wondered.

TracAn Bolton said...

Love your room, it is awesome to have your own personal space at least somewhat. I love how you got to paint and personalize your room.

There are just to many of us to get our own rooms around here. Mama got rid of our beds because they were just too big for our house .. So we are back to our old rooms, but at least we have rooms now too.

Ta Ta,

Kyles Korner said...

You did a great job with the painting. My sister Krystal just painted a park bench and table tops for our family. We like free around here too. My sisters really liked your room. Right now they are in very small rooms. Thanks for sharing your project.

A New Friend


Sophie Amélie Moreau said...

Looking good, Edie! Your room is just too cool - there is so much fun stuff in there that I'm sure you can occupy yourself for hours! Great job painting! I'm sure I'd get paint all over myself, if I had to paint my furniture...


beastsbelle said...

I love it! :) It's always so fun seeing someone's room and the unique touches they add. You did a great job with yours. :) We all got our own rooms set up a little while's been so fun setting them up and making them our own. :)


P.S. My sister Hayden and her friend Jenna have some My Little Ponies just like yours. :D

Jennifer Lawrence said...

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