Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Gathering

Sorry it's been so long since I updated everyone! My science class is a bear, and I'm having trouble doing fun things like blogging. It's taking all of my energy to deal with the thing in my room and not failing.

I finally convinced my mom to let Avalanche come over, and Bee and her older sister, Mallory, showed up a few minutes later.
The thing had been sort of quiet lately, but it'd never met Mallory and took the opportunity to introduce itself by throwing a heavy snowglobe at her head.
"Hi, I'm Bee, and this is my sister Mallory," Bee introduced herself to Avalanche. "We did a lot of ghost hunting with our dad, and Mallory is really good at it. I brought her along to see what she thought."
"Awesome!" I said. Honestly, though, I was so tired from not being able to sleep, I didn't really care if she'd brought in a Klingon. I sat down on the floor to get out of their way as Mallory opened the backpack she had brought and pulled out a couple of things that looked like a camera, a tape recorder, and a couple of odd looking machines. She selected one, turned it on and started waving it around in the air.

Avalanche flopped down beside me in a huff. "If I'd known you already had professionals on the job, I wouldn't have bothered to show up," she said irritably.
"Maybe if you'd known what you were doing to begin with, Edie wouldn't need us!" Mallory snapped at her. She adjusted a dial on her machine and continued to wave it around.

Avalanche jumped up and started to say something, but I reached up and yanked on the pocket of her jeans and pulled her back down. "Aves, just let it go... I need this thing out of here, and you weren't allowed over. Bee was all I had. We're still best friends, nothing has changed."
Avalanche stared at the floor and picked at the carpet. She mumbled something about everything changing, and she looked miserable. I started to ask her what was wrong, since it seemed like more than just my new friends, but Mallory distracted me.

"It's not a ghost," she announced confidently, switching off her machine. "There's a ghost here, too, but the thing that's throwing stuff isn't one. It's a poltergeist."


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Oh no, not a poltergeist, that is worse than a ghost .. I am sorry ..

Keep us updated, we will be here for you ..


The Greens and The Roses said...

Wow! It's good for you to have some information... but that's scary information all the same. Poltergeists can be trouble, although I'm sure that's not news to you.

I'm glad Mallory couldn't help, and I hope Avalanche keeps some perspective about the whole thing. Something had to be done!
Besides, maybe this will lead to all of you being friends. We can always hope, right?


Nemom said...

Wow, a poltergeist! It's been a long time since I heard about one of those. My mom and I just watched an episode of the Walton's where Elizabeth had a poltergeist in her room. It did awful things to her, but the storyline was Elizabeth was afraid to grow up and be 13 so that is why the poltergeist was there.
I hope they can find a way to get rid of it.
What is up with Avalanche?


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