Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Potential Solution?

Remember in my last post I was all worried about whether I should tell Bee about my problem or not? I shouldn't have worried, it sort of worked itself out.

So this morning while Bee and I were outside taking Rocket and Argos for their morning walk, Bee's mom called my mom and asked her if Bee could stay with us while she took Bee's sister, Mallory, to the dentist. Since Bee and I have been getting along so well, and Bee doesn't seem to have Avalanche's crazy problem, Mom agreed instantly.

Bee stopped to drop Argos off at their apartment and grab a few things from her room,and then she was walking into our living room. I still can't get used to having a friend that lives so close to me! We had a few awkward moments in the living room... I wasn't sure what to do about my bedroom, but my mom said "Edie, why don't you show Bee your room?" and I had to take her in there. I was hoping she wouldn't notice anything, but she had barely crossed into it from the hall way when the shadowy thing threw a shoe at her head and launched two books across the room in front of her. I had no idea what to say; I couldn't breathe for a whole minute. I was sure I'd just lost a friend.

Her mouth dropped open in shock, and she shook her head.I expected her to run for the door and never come back, but all she said was "Whoa, Edie! Did you know you've got some bad stuff in here?" She started to walk around the room, staring at the ceiling.
"My... my friend Avalanche talked me into playing with a Ouija board last week," I said shakily. "I think she let in two ghosts. I don't mind the one, she appears to be an ancestor of mine, but the other, well... It throws stuff."
Bee quickly dodged another shoe and a snow globe. "I can tell," she said wryly.

She pulled a cellphone out of her pocket and started using it to take photos of my room. She showed me one of them, and I was shocked to see a dark shadow in the ceiling in every one of them, even though I couldn't see anything there myself.

"Fortunately, I think we can get rid of it, but we need your friend, and some sage, I think. Edie, you have to try to stop being so scared of it. I know it's hard, but it feeds off of energy like that," Bee said. She seemed really confident; more so than Avalanche had ever been.

I nodded and took a deep breath. I told her all about Maude, and how we thought maybe the thing was feeding off of her energy, too.
"Do you think we can get rid of the negative thing, but keep Maude around?" I asked. "I'd really like to talk to her about her life and stuff."
Bee shrugged. "Maybe, but I think the most important thing is to focus on this negative thing. It has to go, and anyway, we have no way of knowing if Maude will ever regain enough energy to come back as fully bodied as she did that first night, or even if she will remember her life."

I nodded. "Ok," I said. "I'll see if I can convince my mom to let Avalanche come over soon so we can take care of this."


The Greens and The Roses said...

Wow, that is really good news! What a relief that Bee not only took it well, but she has an idea of what to do to help.

Interesting (although in a worrisome way) that the creature feeds off negative energy. That makes sense for why it would do scary things - so that you'd be scared.

I hope Maude can be saved. Best of luck!


Nemom said...

Edie, you are so brave. I'd be scared out of my wits. Do you think if it feeds off negative energy, it could lose some of its power with positive energy? Maybe play some really happy music--what just ran through my mind was the Brady Bunch or Partridge Family, or even the Monkees. I bet that happy music would drive it crazy. Isn't sage a calming influence. Maybe you can bring some lavender and lilacs in too.
I'm glad Bee can help, but I wonder why she needs Avalance there. I sure hope your mom will let her come over. Maybe you could convince her Avalanche is a good person, she just needs positive friends like you and Bee to be around her.
We are thinking of you!

Emily said...

Cool, that's good news! It's nice to have friends that understand your life, especially when it's crazy.


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Glad that Bee ended up being so confident about it and has an idea about how to fix it, now we just need Avalance to have the opportunity to come over and all of this to get fixed .. Good luck,


Wendy said...

I'd have been a little spooked if I was you! Good thing Bee was there and so confident and calm about it. Glad everything worked out in that respect!

I also wanted to let you know that I've nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can read the details and rules over at my blog. =)


Francesca S. said...

Your ghost situation sounds exciting(but scary)! Good luck! I hope Bee and Avalanche can help you out.


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